Dr. Rose

"I love the plating techniques I have picked up."

I have really enjoyed your raw food classes. I love the plating techniques I have picked up.
You present each dish with beauty and care. I am a novice in what I call ‘gourmet raw food preparation’.

Sometimes I have very little time but the taste lingers from a recipe I made and I make the extra effort to soak, to chop, to shop and prepare ahead.

I absolutely loved the classes on sexy salads and making the salad extras because they were fast and easy. Right now I am making the desserts. It’s challenging and scary but I play the videos with you preparing them and yes I have watched once or twice and I still feel nervous.

I made coconut yogurt and that made me feel so great!

Russell does the courses with graceful beauty and it makes you feel like you can do this too!

I have recommended this to my friends.