"Everything is easy to follow"

I decided to follow Russell James because for me he is the best.

The way he explains… his background and all the videos and information that he gives you is perfect. I can´t ask for more.

Everything is easy to follow. As soon as you watched the first video you will realize that you are learning from a very serious and qualified raw chef. You’ll learn a lot.

Russell will not only give you a great explanation of every meal, raw food, or dish but will also give you his own experience.

I would recommend his videos as well as his books. If you want to learn how to make raw food, you’ll not only learn something simple like salad, but also lasagna, pizza, wraps, etc. you won´t regret it!

I’m Spanish, and here, it’s hard to find any serious raw chef. So when I had his videos, I said it was amazing.

I had the opportunity to learn in a very easy and very fast way, because I have it all in one second!

I highly recommend The Raw Chef course!