"You make raw food exciting, sexy and accessible to everyone."

The reasons I signed up for your course initially is because first, you give free recipes away on your blog, so I know you’re good. And secondly, you made it brief and very clear so I knew what I was signing up for exactly beforehand.

I’m in the course now, I love how clear and logical the layout is, so it’s easy to find stuff. And the pages are easy on the eye.

I love that you not only get a video and the written recipe, but also download your favorites so you can print it out later.

Your presentation is second to none and you show us how to do the “chefs stuff”. But most of all, the recipes can be done very simply and straightforwardly too.

I enjoyed the light cooking section of the “Weekday Raw “ and would like to see more of that because I’m not 100% on raw. And I know a lot of people who aren’t too.

It would be great to read more about how to make the really nutrient-dense super food stuff as tasty as possible for us health warriors.

Russell, you make raw food exciting, sexy and accessible to everyone.