"Russell's courses help a lot with basic organization."

My cardiologist put me on a raw food diet. I always loved being in the kitchen making meals for others.
We’re Mexican so FOOD is equal to LOVE.. No one goes away hungry.

Raw food? …I felt like I’d been dropped in a foreign country and didn’t know one word of the language.
My doctor has a 5-Saturday course to help introduce his patients to raw food but it wasn’t taking.
I saw a reference somewhere for Russell’s first class “How to Be Your Own Raw Food Chef and Still Have Time to Eat!”. “Still have time to eat”…those words were all it took to draw me in.

Russell’s courses help a lot with basic organization.
When Russell points out that he makes it a point of soaking nuts and/or dried tomatoes each week or make sure there’s always some raw cheese to throw atop or alongside a dish. He demonstrated a simpler—and, frankly, more sustainable approach to vegan raw food living than I was piecing together on my own.

I also love that he and Amy start with absolute basics as though we know nothing.
It’s never done in a condescending manner and it allows anyone to join in at whatever point he is at.

I found the equipment section of “The Raw Chef at Home” very useful.

YES! I’ve recommended the courses as well as the YouTube videos several times.
The best way to recommend is simply to make a recipe given/inspired by The Raw Chef and share it with others.

The food itself is a conversation starter.