Pierre M.

"Videos are the right media for me"

I have made a few attempts in the past working with books with no success. I am not talented in the kitchen and willing to admit that I really need help. Videos are the right media for me.

Whatever I have tried to prepare in the kitchen in the past, my wife did not like. EVERYTHING I have prepared on my own with the help of THERAWCHEF, my wife really enjoyed.

Most of the time she will say: you’ll have to make this recipe again.

So far I have worked mainly with the Weekday recipes as I wish to keep things simple.

The raw cauliflower couscous is a winner at home and a great anticancer food.

We have equipped our kitchen with most of the tools suggested in the course: The Raw Chef at Home.

This is very well done.

Because of health issues my wife and I have been dealing with in the last couple of years, a mainly raw diet is great for both of us.

For now we stay away from chocolate for health reasons are likely to try it with guests in the future (after we move).

With the help of Russell it has become an enjoyable experience to prepare raw food and it is soooooooo tasteful!

We are going solely now with the guidance of The Raw Chef and given all our cooking books to the local library.

Keep up the good work !