"The recipes as you always make looks easy and fun to make"

I am excited to see your new blog on your raw food courses.

I’ve always been interested and love the taste of fermented foods and know how incredibly awesome they are for our bodies.

I was super excited to see you had a Fermented online food course and have tried a lot of your recipes. I really do love watching the videos before diving into making any of the recipes as you always make it look easy and fun to make. And it’s hard not to just dive in and make so many all at once. I have talked to so many people about your on line courses and so many have tasted my recipes that I have made.

My family eats and lives a very healthy vegan lifestyle as I do so know they will love to make a lot of the different recipes that I have made… we love to share different recipes at our family dinner gatherings.

Keep up the good work…