So what exactly is this new beginners' course?

The Raw Chef Beginners is a self-study online course that takes hand selected lessons from my two flagship courses, The Raw Chef at Home & Weekday Raw, and brings them into one new course, perfect for anyone that hasn't taken any of my courses and just wants the essentials, so you can bring raw food into your life and start experiencing the health benefits immediately.

Why Do You Need It?

I’m really driven by creating courses that I wish I had when I first started out in raw food, rather than having to pick things up from various websites and books.

All that stuff takes so much time. . .time you could be using for making and enjoying real food with your family. 

But I had a thought a little while ago. . .

What if you don’t yet see yourself taking a raw food course?  What if it all seems a bit big for you, and you don’t have the time?

So I challenged myself.

I wanted to come up with something just for people like you, complete beginners who couldn’t see themselves doing anything other than the basics.

So I spent some time going through every video in every one of my courses, picking out only the ones that I believe are most valuable to a beginner on a time budget.

For me, it’s all about giving you those skills, so you can bring in the amount of raw food that feels wonderful for you.

It’s the kind of stuff that once you know it, and can do it, you can’t unlearn.

You’ll always have these skills.

You’ll always have the knowledge and ability to make food that supports your health.

Whether that’s going all raw for a few weeks to lose weight, or clear up your skin.

Or maybe you can feel yourself slowing down and becoming tired during the day, when you know that  raw and living foods will give you a reset to start feeling full of energy again.

Or maybe you're looking to be preventative and you want to eat 50% to 80% raw all the time, because that’s how you get the most out of your life, by stepping into the vibrancy of living foods.

The New Academy

You may well have also seen that we’re in the process of rebuilding the Academy.  This has been a long time coming, and is going to bring awesome features to you as a student; things that I’ve been dreaming about offering for a while now.

These new features will be available to you for this new course.

If you’ve been with us for any amount of time, you’ll know we like to offer a one-off price for pre-order courses.

So we’ve decided to extend this to our new short courses.

So we’ve decided to extend this to our new short courses.

In the new Academy this course will have its own own quizzes and badges.

Until the new Academy is ready in the next 4 weeks, we'll house this beginners' course in a really awesome temporary home, enabling you to get stuck in.  Login details will be send to you by Wednesday 10th August.

How The Raw Chef Beginners Works


Soak up everything in a few weeks, or take your time.


All lessons are in HD video, because you learn best by being shown exactly what to do step-by-step. Each lesson also has a downloadable recipe sheet (PDF).

You'll also be able to ask questions in each lesson, under each video, so we know exactly what you're asking about and can move you forward quickly.


Doing this stuff is no fun alone. That’s why you’ll be able to ask us questions in each lesson.

We also have Member Forums within the Academy, so you can share successes, ask questions, and be social with your classmates.


All lessons work on your computer, tablet and phone. That way you can learn wherever suits you best. You can even take the lessons to the store with you, so you know which ingredients to shop for.

It also means you can have you computer, tablet or phone in the kitchen with you as you work.


You’ll have access to this version of course materials for life, so you can always come back to them for review.

The Raw Chef Beginners Curriculum

Here’s what you get inside The Raw Chef Beginners. . .

Lessons & Recipes from my two flagship courses

I've hand picked the absolute best and most essential lessons to get you going in as short amount of time as possible.

Lessons from
The Raw Chef at Home

Flavour Balancing – Fat, Acid, Salt Sweet F.A.S.S. (Video time - 6:35)

This is still the same technique I use when I’m creating my recipes.  Knowing how to implement this simple technique will guide to towards being able to come up with your own recipes, with what you have on hand, so you don’t have to take time to always use a recipe.

Vinaigrettes & Dressings (Video time - 15:32)

If there’s one thing we do really well in raw food, it’s a great salad.  I’m not talking about limp lettuce and soggy tomatoes, I’m talking about a hearty and filling salad that will satiate you for hours, whilst keeping you feeling light and energetic.

Applying F.A.S.S. to Salad Dressings (4:57)

This is where the first two lessons combine, so that you can learn how to simply combine flavours for a delicious and satisfying salad dressing every time.

Spiralised Veg & Sauce (Video time - 14:10)

An absolute classic dish that I’m certain will become a staple for you.  Being able to make dishes like this, with the need for a recipe (which you’ll be able to do after just a couple of goes at it) will dramatically increase your success at eating raw and plant-based more of the time, so you can enjoy all of the health benefits of that.

Lasagne Part 1 (Video time - 12:51)
Lasagne Part 2 (Video time - 16:52)

Another classic dish that you might end up making once a week when you’re starting out (it’s that good), or you might want to make to impress friends (and convince them this raw food thing isn’t crazy, it’s actually exciting and delicious).

Kimchi (Video time - 12:05)

Kimchi is an absolute must-have-at-all-times in my house.  It’s a great side dish to any other recipe, especially a big, beautiful salad.  But I also often use it for late night food cravings, with some avocado mixed in.  So simple, so quick and it’ll stop you reaching for the foods that aren’t great for you at night.  As with all the fermented foods, your body is being nourished not just by the combination of clean and beautiful ingredients, but also by the probiotics that will work wonders in your gut for digestion and healthy, glowing skin.

Kefir (Video time - 9:44)

Coconut kefir is another fermented food that is teeming with ‘good bacteria’, doing wonders for your gut health, and therefore pretty much every other function in your body.  Not only that, this fizzy coconut kefir will end up replacing many of the other drinks that aren’t great for you.  This one really does prove that to be healthy, you don’t have to give anything up in flavour or enjoyment.

Nut & Seed Milk (Video time - 4:46)

Nut and seed milks are getting so popular now that it makes me so happy.  But there’s a huge difference between the store bought ones and the homemade versions.  Not only that, I’ll show you how to balance flavours in your nut and seed milks, so they don’t just taste like ‘watered-down nuts’.

Cashew Cheese (Video time - 17:46)

Now we’re talking!  Tree nut cheeses are my absolute favourite thing in raw foods.  I’m really proud of this cashew cheese, because of you leave it to age for about 6 weeks, it’ll turn into a sliceable cheese that you can add so many different flavours to.  Think about all the possibilities. . .you like spice?. . .try adding chipotle powder and some smoked paprika to this, and maybe some finely diced bell peppers, for a Pepper Jack style cheese.  This type of cheese making is simple when you know the steps and will become a source of joy, as you learn about the process and possibilities.

Kimchi Cheese (Video time - 2:41)

I’ve included this cheese, because it combines two of my favourite things; kimchi and cashew cheese.  For this one, we’re using the liquid from the kimchi as a ‘starter’.  If this all seems quite involved for a beginner, don’t worry at all, it’s just a few simple steps, and with the video lesson, I can very quickly show you how to get this right, so you can be enjoying your own tree nut cheeses at home in no time. 

Blue Cheese (Video time - 5:40)

When people see this blue cheese, made with macadamias, they always ask how it’s done.  The great news is that it’s so simple to make cheese with macadamia nuts, all you have to do is follow along with me in this short video lesson and you’ll be adding this to a basic salad, turning it into an epic salad in no time.


By the end of this short course, you'll be excited about just how much awesome raw food you can make with very little effort.

Want to eat healthier at work, but always end up having a sandwich or takeout?

This new course will have you eating raw and plant-based at work in no time!

Lessons from
Weekday Raw

On The Go Salad (Video time - 8:09)

This is one of my absolute favourites salads, not just because it’s so quick to make, but because of the way it tastes.  It’s also inspired so many different similar flavour combinations that I’ve lost count.  Once you’ve seen how to make this salad, you’ll be well on your way to be able to put together some incredible flavour combinations in minutes.

Pineapple Avocado Smoothie (Video time - 5:21)

This really is as good as it sounds.  The flavour is out of this world and will have you imagining you’re on a beach somewhere (this may need some imagination depending on your real location).  But seriously,  this smoothie is as good pre or post workout as it is for a week day breakfast.

Swede Rice with Smokey Avocado (Video time - 8:39)

Swede (rutabaga) makes such raw ‘rice’ that it surprises most people.  In this dish you’ll be combining it with avocado in a smokey sauce.  SO satisfying and so easy.

Courgette Cannelloni (Video time - 10:01)

This is a special one, along the lines of the lasagne above, this is a treat for yourself, or whoever is lucky enough to have you make it for them.

Mexican Platter (Video time - 9:08)

I really love making this one in the summer.  There’s several delicious and exciting elements to it, which means you can choose to make them all, or just make a couple and use lettuce leaves as quick and easy taco shells.

Broccoli Pesto Salad (Video time - 4:17)

I do like to eat broccoli raw and cooked, at different times of the year.  When I do eat it raw, this is definitely one of the best ways.  It combines with the pesto so well, and then when you add in small, juicy baby tomatoes, you have a hearty and healthy meal in minutes.

Thai Rolls (Video time - 8:38)

These super quick and simple rolls use daikon radish as the ‘rice paper’ to hold the Thai spiced ‘meat’.  But you can just as eaily use nori sheets or lettuce leaves instead of the daikon.  As you work your way through these beginner lessons, you’ll start to see where you can make substitutions and changes to these recipes.  This will enable you to start making meals without recipes all f the time.

Spinach Pomegranate Salad (Video time - 4:42)

I picked this one because I wanted to show you just how much flavour you can get out of a few simple ingredients.  This recipe also uses the Weekday Raw Table Cream, as the basis for the dressing.  You’ll find this Table Cream has so many that you’ll want to keep it on hand in the fridge at all times. 

StirFriday (Video time - 11:00)

Raw ‘stir fry’?  Yep, and it’s delicious.  This recipe can make a small individual portion, or you can make a bigger batch for a big, beautiful plate of food as the centre piece of a buffet style lunch. 

Butternut Chilli Noodles (Video time - 6:53)

I absolutely love to use butternut squash for spiralised noodles.  They feel heartier than courgette (zucchini) noodles, when teamed up with a beautiful spicy sauce.  By including this recipe, I wanted to get you thinking about how you can mix and match sauces and types of noodles for a variety of dishes.

Beetroot Apple Salad (Video time - 5:18)
Beetroot and apple is such a wonderful taste combination and blood cleanser.  This salad is going to leave you feeling light, energetic and by adding some sea vegetables as suggested in the recipe, you can be happy that you’ve done something wonderful for your body by providing it with the minerals it needs.


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