Russell James

As my frozen mango goes through the checkout. . .*beep*

The cashier turns to me and says, “Frozen mango?  You can’t just eat that when you’re going out.”

I look at him.

He follows up with, “Nah, that takes too long, man.”

I smile, not really knowing where to go with this.

I decide to just look at my long line of vegetables, fruit, nuts.  And tea bags.

“What do you do with it?  How long does it take to defrost?”

For a second, I consider telling him what it’s actually for; to flavour my kombucha.  But I decide that’s not a conversation I want to have.

Besides, if he can’t get his head around defrosted mango, I fear what might happen if I try and describe the kombucha making process to him.

Even as I type this, my spell check can’t deal with the word ‘kombucha’. . .

*Ctrl-click . . .’Add to dictionary’.  Done.

Unfortunately, dealing with Mr Frozen Mango isn’t quite as easy.

I decide to answer his question with minimum chance of further questioning, so I say, “It takes a couple of hours to defrost, but you can leave it in the fridge overnight to defrost too, so it’s ready to go in the morning.”

Blank stare.

Mind blown.

I could have told him you can add it to kombucha frozen and it will defrost in the jar.  But I don’t think that would have helped.

We finish our transaction and I go on my way with a new perspective.  And it’s this. . .

Everyone’s got their own idea of what they’re prepared to do to make a meal.  Everyone has got different boundaries of time they’re willing to spend.

I’ve just never heard anyone say they’re not willing to defrost mango.

In fact, what he said about ‘eating it as you go out of the door’ was the most illuminating for me.

Meal time has been reduced to what can be eaten whilst walking out the door.

I’m a little different.

I believe, at the very least, it’s worth defrosting mango.

I believe it’s worth doing a whole lot more though.

I believed, and still do, that it was worth travelling for 13 hours from London to Koh Samui, Thailand to spend the last of my money (and a bit more) on a 7 day fast to clear up my skin in 2004.

I believe it’s worth making our health and wellness out number 1 priority.  For me, there’s nothing more important.

I believe it’s worth trying new things and doing whatever it takes to prepare the healthiest and most vibrant, fresh and healing food for our families.

Defrosting mango, soaking nuts, growing sprouts and dehydrating the occasional pizza base.  I’ll do it all, and I’ll do it with a smile on my face and a full heart.

I believe it so much that I’ve dedicated my life to sharing the things I’ve learned, to create lives full of health, passion and purpose, through food.

If you’re reading this and you get even a fraction of the health and healing that’s available to you, from what I share, then it will have been worth the time for both of us.

I believe our destiny is largely shaped by what we eat, and I have this dream that keeps asking, “what if the whole world got high on raw food?”

Let’s make some time for that.







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