So what exactly is this new short course?

The Raw Chef at Home: Tree Nut Cheeses is a self-study online course that shows you how to make cheese from a variety of tree nuts, such as almonds, macadamias and cashews, so that you can add beautiful, non-dairy cheeses to any meal you like, or even make a cheese board for after dinner.

Why Do You Need It?

So you may have seen in the last few weeks, I’ve been talking about the all-new update to my most popular course, The Raw Chef at Home.

The course has always been about gettng you to exactly where you want to be with raw food, from where you're at now.

When you’ve completed the course, you’ll be able to easily and quickly make delicious raw meals and snacks for yourself and your family.

For me, it’s all about giving you those skills, so you can bring in the amount of raw food that feels wonderful for you.

It’s the kind of stuff that once you know it, and can do it, you can’t unlearn.

You’ll always have these skills.

You’ll always have the knowledge and ability to make food that supports your health.

Whether that’s going all raw for a few weeks to lose weight, or clear up your skin.

Or maybe you can feel yourself slowing down and becoming tired during the day, when you know that  raw and living foods will give you a reset to start feeling full of energy again.

Or maybe you're looking to be preventative and you want to eat 50% to 80% raw all the time, because that’s how you get the most out of your life, by stepping into the vibrancy of living foods.

Why This Short Course?

Over the years I’ve heard from people who would just like to buy certain ‘modules’ within The Raw Chef at Home course.

And up until now, my answer has been, “no, because the course isn’t designed to be taken in chunks like that”.

We also heard from people that really wanted to improve their health and add variety to their diet.

But now we’re refilming the whole thing, we’re also including a different course structure.

So the full course will absolutely still be available as one large course called The Raw Chef at Home, but instead of individual ‘modules’ we’re going to break it down into ‘short courses’.

Which means two things:

1.    The full course will actually be a collection of 10 short courses

2.    Each of those short courses will be available individually  (you're looking at the second one right now).

The New Academy

You may well have also seen that we’ve just launched the Academy.  This has been a long time coming, and is going to bring awesome features to you as a student; things that I’ve been dreaming about offering for a while now.

These new features will be available to you for this short course.

So at this point, I’d like to explain the pricing structure to you.

The Raw Chef at Home, as the full course is currently $595.

If you want to buy any of the short courses within this main course, they will be $97 each.

I want to be really clear here too; each of these short courses will stand alone and be structured to be its own thing, so it feels complete.  That includes the live Q&As and the Member Forums

How Raw Tree Nut Cheeses Works


Soak up everything in a few weeks, or take your time.


All lessons are in HD video, because you learn best by being shown exactly what to do step-by-step. Each lesson also has a downloadable recipe sheet (PDF).

Mark lessons off as you progress through the course.


Doing this stuff is no fun alone. That’s why you’ll be able to ask us questions in each lesson.

We also have Member Forums for our courses, so you can share successes, ask questions, and be social with your classmates.


All lessons work on your computer, tablet and phone. That way you can learn wherever suits you best. You can even take the lessons to the store with you, so you know which ingredients to shop for.

It also means you can have your computer, tablet or phone in the kitchen with you as you work.


You’ll have access to the course materials for life, so you can always come back to them for review.

The Raw Tree Nut Cheeses Curriculum

Here’s what you get inside The Raw Chef at Home: Tree Nut Cheeses. . .

Techniques & Recipes

You'll learn best with a combination of technique lessons, and also recipe lessons.  By doing it like this, you'll understand WHY you're doing the things you're doing, which means you'll 'get it' quicker.


In these lessons you’ll get videos on the different techniques involved in making raw tree nut cheeses.

Techniques such as knowing which starters to use for your cheeses, which nuts to use for the different types of cheese and what moulds to use.

How to age a cheese that is sliceable, without it developing mould.

How to make soft cheeses that develop rinds naturally, such as Camembert, using traditional cheese cultures and techniques.

This section is currently 8 video lessons.  The amount of video lessons may vary slightly (up or down) as we get closer to production, as there may be more to cover, and we might also be able to combine some of the ideas I’ve mentioned into one video.

The idea with this course is not to give you tons of videos to watch, but to give you the tools needed to master this area of raw food production.  We’ll give you as many video lessons as are needed to achieve that.

By the end of this short course, you'll truly have mastered raw tree nut cheese.

Want to eat raw at work, but always end up having a boring salad?

This new combination of technique lessons and recipe lessons will have you adding raw cheeses to a variety of lunches in no time!


Recipe video lessons are where you can see me bring all the techniques together in example recipes.  This means you’ll have great recipes, ready to go and ready to use.

It also means that now you’re not just following recipes from a book, you’re learning about what each different ingredient and technique does and why it’s there.

Learning exactly how to make a variety of cheeses, step by step, such as Roqforti, Camembert, aged cheeses, and recipes to flavour your cheeses. 


The Raw Chef at Home: Raw Tree Nut Cheeses


Lifetime Access

Price is in US dollars

Enroll Now


If you’re not happy for whatever reason within 30 days, just drop us an email and we’ll give you a prompt and courteous refund.


How long to I have to complete this course?

Your access to this course doesn't expire. That means you can come back and watch the videos with unlimited access for as long as you want.

Do I need a dehydrator or any other special equipment for this course?

You don't need to have a dehydrator, no.  There is a technque to create rind with one, but it's not essential and we'll be showing you other ways.  We'll cover any other special equipment you need for cheeses, but generally it's very low cost stuff such a cheese cloth and a sieve, as an example.  The only thing you definitely will need is a blender.

Will I receive anything in the mail?

No, this is an entirely online course, so there are no shipping charges to pay.

Why do you charge in US Dollars?

Although we're a UK based business, we have customers in over 50 different countries. Not everyone from other countries recognise British pounds (£) but most people are familiar with US dollars ($) and how that equates to their own currency. Also, a large amount of our customers are based in the US.