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Here at The Raw Chef, we’re all about sharing healthy living, with an emphasis on raw, plant-based foods.  We’re a source of recipes and articles for anyone wanting to explore getting more raw foods into their lives.

Our take on raw food is that 100% raw all the time isn’t’ the goal.  If a person finds themselves wanting to eat raw all the time, that’s a wonderful thing, and we support it.  Over and above everything, we support a person’s ability to find their own way in their food journey. We support evolution in eating, intuition and listening to your body, even if that means not ‘sticking to the program’.  Because we believe following what you know is right, is far more important than following any ‘ism’.

As well as covering food, in our articles we like to talk about cleansing, mindset, gut health, brain health, physical movement, yoga, breathwork, meditation, kitchen equipment, relationships, supplements and anything that comes from personal experience in the area of health.

Want to contribute?  We’d love to have you.  It’s a great opportunity for you to get in front of our readers, to share you knowledge of something that has really moved the needle for you in your health and wellbeing.

Please send us your article (we’re not currently looking for recipes), along with any relevant images you have.

If your article is chosen, we will give you full credit.  This means a spot at the bottom of the article with your photo, bio (can include any links to your site) and social links.

We’d also really love and appreciate it if you would share the article with your audience, but it’s not required.

So to summarise, please email with the following:

  • Your article (MUST be original work, not something currently online elsewhere)
  • Photos to accompany your article
  • Your headshot
  • 50 word bio, which should include a link to your website
  • Your social media profile links

Please send your submissions to: [email protected]

*Please read these guidelines first before submitting your work.

Questions?  If you want to check that a piece you’re about to write would be of interest, please drop us an email at the above email address and we’d be happy to give you some guidance.