Raw Food Recipes

If you’re looking for some raw food recipes to try out, you’ve come to exactly the right place.  For my archive of free raw food recipes click here.  For your convenience, I’ve made these 10 most popular recipes available as an eBook.  You can get your eBook by clicking that button below.

Raw Food Recipes for Beginners?

Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, I’ve got you covered in this set of 10 free raw food recipes.  The first 8 recipes are all easy raw food recipes, with minimal equipment needed.  The last 2 will require a dehydrator, just to show you what is possible if you want to dive further into this fun way of eating.

Raw Food Recipes for Weight Loss

There are some pretty incredible stories of people losing weight on a raw food diet.  One of the most incredible is of Philip McCluskey.  This eBook of raw food recipes is a really great start to seeing how raw food might fit into your weight loss plan.  Many people report they find it easier to lose weight on raw food, because they’re getting such nutrient dense foods in, which keep them satiated for longer.

Have you used raw foods for weight loss?  I’d really appreciate it if you’d leave a comment in down below, to share your experiences with anyone else who might have this question.

Raw Food Recipes or Raw Vegan Recipes?

Sometimes you’ll hear raw food referred to raw vegan food.  Essentially there’s no difference in the recipes themselves.  Raw food is vegan by default, but lots of people get into raw food because they want to eat healthier and enjoy the idea of it.  That was me.  I’m not vegan and got into raw food for health reasons.  But when I am eating raw, I’m eating vegan and feel great about it.  So whether you’re vegan or not, you’re welcome here.  When you’re eating raw, you’re eating vegan and vegetarian, so it’s a great way to rely less on animal products for food.  If you want to know more about what raw food is, and our philosophy on it, you can check out our About Page here.


Raw Pad Thai

Raw Food Recipe for Pad ThaiThis is such a classic raw food recipe.  It’s a great mix of fresh, crunchy vegetables and a really flavourful almond sauce.  It’s a great one for lunch, as you can take it to work, with the sauce separate from the veggies and then just mix them up when you’re ready to eat.

I like to use butternut squash noodles, as you’ll see in the recipe, but courgette (zucchini) noodles will also work really well.  The raw noodles can be done with a spiral slicer, or you can create ribbons with a peeler, or even a mandoline if you have one.


Caesar Salad

Raw Caesar SaladThis raw Cesar salad with a creamy cashew dressing will definitely hit the spot for lunch.  I’ve also included an optional raw crouton recipe, which adds more texture, making this a satisfying dinner recipe too!

Made with fresh, crunchy romaine (cos) lettuce and succulent baby tomatoes, you can’t go wrong.  You could also get totally crazy and make this raw pine nut parmesan too.


Courgette (Zucchini) Fettuccine

Raw Food Recipe for Zucchini FettucciniThis is one of my favourite recipes in this book, for its sheer simplicity.  It’s not just that it’s simple, but that it’s so flavourful too.

We used a mandonline to get those strips of courgette (zucchini) looking like that.  But as with the pad Thai recipe above, you could also use a spiral sliver, or peeler.  You’ll also get a recipe for a quick macadamia parmesan here, which doesn’t need dehydrating.

Of course it’s great on this dish, but I’m sure will become a favourite to sprinkle on other raw food recipes you make, such as that Caesar salad.

Want to download these 10 raw food recipes as an eBook for Free?

Curried Swede Risotto

Raw Curried Swede RisottoI’m really pleased with this recipe, because it’s really different, as far as raw food recipes go.  We’re using swede rutabaga for the rice.  You could also use parsnip rice, or even cauliflower rice.

I think cauliflower lends itself more to a raw couscous texture, rather than raw rice, but nevertheless, it works with this dish.

Give this one a go and I think you’ll enjoy the sweetness of the rice with the orange juice and raisins, with the bitterness of the chicory.

Mexican Tomato Soup

Raw Food Recipe for Mexican Tomato SoupMexican flavours are my favourite.  I love the mix of smokey, spicy and sometimes a little sweetness.  This raw Mexican soup has all of those.  If you like the idea of spicy raw vegan recipes, you can add extra chilli to this, the Pad Thai, or the smokey maple sunflower seeds.

We’ve garnished this with avocado, chives, spring onion, coriander (cilantro) and chilli.  For a real treat, you could also add a couple of dollops of cashew sour cream.



Raw Food NachosThis is one of the 2 recipes in this book that you’ll need a dehydrator for.  I wanted to include it, because these nachos are so fun.

It shows you what can be done, if you’ve been thinking of getting a food dehydrator.

I’d suggest making a big batch that uses up all your available dehydrator space, as you’ll be able to keep these for weeks in a sealed container.

Want to download these 10 raw food recipes as an eBook for Free?


Shiitake & Parsnip Rice Sushi

Shiitake Parsnip Rice SushiDon’t be intimidated by the picture here, this is actually a pretty simple and fun thing to create.

A bamboo rolling mat will help you if you’re not used to rolling sushi.  I would also suggest not overfilling the roll.  Adding too much filling will make it difficult to roll.

If you wanted to save a bit of time, you could just get a good store bought dipping sauce, instead of making the one I’ve given you the recipe for.


Cacao Crepés & Cashew Créme Fraîche

Raw Food Recipe for Cacao CrepesThis is the other recipe form this book that requires a dehydrator.  What do I need to say about these crepés that the picture doesn’t already say?

I guess all I can promise is that they really are that good, so if you have a dehydrator, get these on as soon as possible.


Smoky Maple Sunflower Seeds

Smokey Maple Sunflower SeedsThese are a great mix of smokey and sweet, with those delightful Mexican flavours.  You’ll see we’ve given you two option for serving them.

One is nice and simple, in a baby lettuce leaf, with a chipotle sauce.  That would be a perfect lunch option.  The other is in a dehydrated wrap, which we’ve also included the recipe for.  If you have a tortilla you like to buy from the store, they would also go so nicely in that.


Spinach Avocado Soup

Raw Food Recipe for Green SoupIf you’re looking for something to make you feel like you’re doing something really good for your body, then this soup is for you.

It’s not just about being healthy though, we’re all about making sure there’s plenty of flavour.  You’ll find a few herbs and spices in the recipe that compliment each other really nicely, along with some tamari for depth of flavour.

We included a cashew sour cream recipe in this one, because the tart flavour is a real treat on top of this soup.

Want to download these 10 raw food recipes as an eBook for Free?

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