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Whether you want to eat raw sandwiches all week, or put on a show-stopping dinner party for friends, you’re in the right place.

Hey, I’m Russell.  In 2004 I went on a life-changing trip to Koh Samui, Thailand.  You can read more about my story here.

The short version…

I was in Thailand to do a 7-day detox fast with multiple coffee enemas every day.  

Not your average day in paradise.

Why did I do that?

I suffered with acne for 8+ years.

I tried every pharmaceutical, antibiotic, topical skin cream, off-the-shelf skin remedy, skin peels, chinese medicine and everything in between.

Is there anything left in between?…

Detox, juicing and healthy eating seemed like it might actually help.

It did.

A lot.

That trip was where I found out about raw food and decided I wanted to become a raw food chef.

I started a blog in 2005 and this website is a result of everything I’ve been doing since.

If you’re drawn to raw food like I was, I’m extremely happy you’re here.  It’s an honour to share a passion for healthy food with you.

I would love nothing more than for you to have your own healing love affair with raw food.  

Whilst raw food will always be so special to me, I encourage you to find your own unique way with it.  A way that’s personal to you.

I’m not the 100% raw guy.

Very few people are, but there seems to be an expectation that if you like raw food, you should only eat that.

Seeing as you’re here, I want to give you the benefit of my 15+ years of experience.

My biggest distinction is this…

Above all else, I encourage listening to your body and eating what truly nourishes you.

Give some consideration to the function of food in your life.

If you’re naturally drawn to 100% raw food for a period of time, great!  If you want to incorporate it for a few meals a week, we’re here for you too.

Your body’s needs will evolve and change throughout your life.

There’s no absolutely no obligation from you to have to stick to any particular diet for the rest of your life.

I found something that worked for me when I needed it.  I continue to focus on my health (wholeness) and avoid getting caught up in diet cultures.

I love sharing a blend of the creative and practical aspects of raw food.  I promise to make this FUN!

What now?

Treat this site as a ‘choose your own adventure’ experience.

There’s plenty of free stuff for you to dig into.  Seeing as you’ve read this far, I want to recommend you join our Recipe of The Week Club.  It’s free to register.

If you want a deeper dive into all things raw food, we also create beautiful artisan raw food online courses.

We create all of our courses with love and aim for the best experience possible, so they all include Live Q&As and a private member-only community.

We have a food/supplement/personal care shop on a different website called Being Whole.  We ship around the world, although we are based in the UK, so it’s most relevant for people in the UK and Europe.

If you’d like to see what kit I recommend for the raw food kitchen, I always keep these kit lists up to date.

If you consider yourself ‘raw curious’ I created this site for you.

So off you go, choose that adventure and let us know if you need anything.