Raw vegan Linzer Cookies on a wire rack and wooden surface.

Linzer Cookies

These raw vegan Linzer Cookies are a great treat, snack or dessert. Great for kids and great fun to make.

Raw vegan pistachio macaroons dipped in chocolate on a silver tray and white background

Pistachio Five Spice Macaroons

Another great raw vegan dessert that could also serve as a snack or treat on-the-go. Go the extra mile and dip the bases in chocolate.

Raw vegan swiss roll on white parchment and a silver tray

Swiss Roll

One of our most popular raw vegan desserts. This Swiss Roll is a bit more involved, but so worth the effort for a special occasion.

Sauerkraut Crackers

These Sauerkraut Crackers are not only beautifully piquant, they strike a perfect crumbly Vs crunchy mix and, oh, they’re also full of gut friendly probiotics. … Read more

raw vegan caesar salad with croutons on a black background

Raw Caesar Salad

This Raw Caesar Salad with a creamy cashew dressing will definitely hit the spot for lunch. Made with fresh, crunchy romaine (cos) lettuce and succulent … Read more

Eggplant bacon on baking parchment on a silver tray

Eggplant Bacon

It’s time for a classic raw food recipe! Eggplant bacon, or aubergine bacon can be eaten as a savoury snack, crumbled into salads, or included … Read more

Hemp granola with almond milk in a white bowl on a wooden background

Hemp Granola

A classic raw breakfast with a high protein twist.​​​​​​​Hemp seeds are around 30% protein (depending on who you listen to), and adding your favourite protein … Read more

The coconut jerky are stacked on a blue plate

Raw Coconut Jerky

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you don’t know if you’re going to be able to get good quality food – like … Read more

Raw falafel salad with parsnip rice and cashew cream on a blue plate and wooden surface

Raw Falafel Salad

Sometimes a recipe just comes together first time, and this is one of those times. This recipe has ‘salad’ in the title, but the hearty … Read more