Heavy Metal Smoothie

Last year I had a session with Anthony William (the Medical Medium) to discover that I have metals in my system.  He told me I was … Read more

The tea is in a white cup with the some the turmeric roots on top of a wooden table with the peeler visible on the side.

Turmeric Tea

We seemed to have picked the only week that was wet and borderline cold, so this warm and sweet drink was such a welcome treat. … Read more

Rejuvenate latte in a mu with a bottle of stevia on a white background

Rejuvenate Latte

When it’s cold outside and you need a cozy drink to replace coffee or tea, this will do the trick.  There are no stimulants in … Read more

Iced Matcha Latte

Last summer Amy came up with the matcha latte that we had here at HQ on a daily basis.  It’s the perfect cooling drink for hot … Read more

Three image collage of green juice with wheatgrass

Electrozyme Juice

I like to keep this drink in a mason jar in the fridge and drink it throughout the day. It’ll need shaking every time before … Read more