Raw Bread

Raw bread is one of my favourite raw food recipe categories.  Being able to have raw sandwiches is a really wonderful thing.

One of my favourites is the Raw Vegan Zucchini Bread.

Easy to make multiple batches and fill your dehydrator up, freeze any excess and enjoy sandwiches for weeks!  Not only is the bread gluten free, it’s full of the kind of nutrition regular breads could only dream of.  Fill it up with dehydrated mushrooms, cashew mayo (both recipes are on that page), fresh salad and maybe even some Eggplant Bacon.

Another reader favourite is the Raw Vegan Bagels.  They pretty unbelievable with that caper dill cream cheese.  A bit more work, but sooo worth it.

If you’d like a full training on raw breads, check out my online course Breads, Crackers & Wraps.  It’s part of The Raw Chef at Home and will take you through every element of creating raw breads (and crackers & wraps).