Raw vegan pistachio macaroons dipped in chocolate on a silver tray and white background

Pistachio Five Spice Macaroons

Another great raw vegan dessert that could also serve as a snack or treat on-the-go. Go the extra mile and dip the bases in chocolate.

Sauerkraut Crackers

These Sauerkraut Crackers are not only beautifully piquant, they strike a perfect crumbly Vs crunchy mix and, oh, they’re also full of gut friendly probiotics. … Read more

Avocado, Spinach & Lime Soup

A fresh, raw blended soup with a natural zing from the lime and complimentary spices. Adding cashew sour cream and sundried tomatoes to garnish really … Read more

Mozzacado Balls

These Mozzacdo Balls are a quick and easy way to transform a salad; salty, fatty and cheesy is a magic combination. Quick Macadamia Parmesan Cheese … Read more

Raw Mexican tomato soup with garnish in a white bowl on a wooden bacground

Raw Mexican Tomato Soup

A beautiful, fresh tomato soup with herbs a chillies. Slightly sweetened with dates and garnished with avocado, this makes a perfect light lunch. Mexican flavours … Read more

raw vegan caesar salad with croutons on a black background

Raw Caesar Salad

This Raw Caesar Salad with a creamy cashew dressing will definitely hit the spot for lunch. Made with fresh, crunchy romaine (cos) lettuce and succulent … Read more

Raw food recipe of curried swede risotto on a brown place and wooden background

Curried Swede Risotto

This is a wonderful way to use raw swede (rutabaga) as rice. The sweetness of the orange juice and raisins is perfect with the bitterness … Read more

Curried tomato fettuccine in a white bowl on a wooden background

Curried Tomato Fettuccine

This raw courgette / zucchini fettuccine dish is easy to make, really satisfying to eat and can be made a variety of different ways. We … Read more

Raw vegan sushi with miso sauce on a black plate

Raw Vegan Sushi

Raw vegan sushi recipe with parsnip rice, shiitake, red pepper, avocado, marinated mushrooms and a fantastic miso sauce. One of the biggest searches on this … Read more

Raw pad Thai in a brown bowl on a white background with a fork

Raw Pad Thai

Raw Pad Thai is an absolute classic raw food dish. We’ve kept it simple for this version, so it’s great for lunch, easily made the … Read more

zucchini fettuccine on a blue plate and white wooden surface

Zucchini Fettuccini

Raw food lends itself very well to Italian flavours. Whether it’s something simple like this zucchini fettuccine recipe you’re looking at, or something more involved … Read more

Vegan kale caesar salad in a brown bowl on a wooden background

Vegan Kale Caesar Salad

Vegan Kale Caesar Salad This vegan Kale Caesar Salad uses a delightful rich and creamy vegan caesar dressing, along with the chewiness of kale and … Read more

Raw vegan zucchini spaghetti bolognese in a blue and white bowl on a wooden surface

Zucchini Spaghetti Bolognese

I always remember spaghetti bolognese from my childhood being hearty, comforting, tangy and rich. So of course I wanted my raw version to have those … Read more

Raw zucchini pasta putanesca in a white bowl

Pasta Puttanesca

When you look at the ingredients list for Pasta Puttanesca, it’s really difficult to fully appreciate how much flavour this simple little dish has. I’ve … Read more